Summer League Health Form

MEDICAL LIABILITY WAIVER – I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in Ultimate Team Camps Basketball League. I also grant permission to Ultimate Team Camps and representatives to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention and hereby waive and release Ultimate Team Camps and Greenheck Fieldhouse from any and all liability for any injuries incurred while participating in the summer league.
CONCUSSION PARENT WAIVER-Related to Concussion Law 2011 – Wisconsin Act 172 As a Parent and Athlete, it is important to recognize the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of concussions. By signing this form you are stating that you understand the importance of recognizing and responding to signs, symptoms, and behaviors of a concussion/head injury. This form must be completed for every sports season and every youth athletic organization the athlete is involved with.
I have read the Parent Concussion and Head Injury Information and understand what a concussion is and how it may be caused. I also understand the common signs, symptoms, and behaviors. I agree that my child must be removed from practice/play if a concussion is suspected. I understand that it is my responsibility to seek medical treatment if a suspected concussion is reported to me. I understand that my child cannot return to practice/play until providing written clearance from an appropriate health care provider to his/her coach. I understand the possible consequences of my child returning to practice/play too soon.